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A practical group for Christian women on a mission

Fulfilling Purpose, Living Intentionally And Redefining Marriages

At THE BONE OF MY BONE FOUNDATION (B.O.M.B), we nurture EVERY CATEGORY OF WOMEN REGARDLESS OF THEIR MARITAL STATUS AND across every age bracket TEACHING them sound principles that guarantee success in every area of their lives through tested and proven channels and progressive initiatives. We also rehabilitate vulnerable and disadvantaged women and girls; to turn their lives around and give THEM A fresh START AND A SECOND CHANCE AT LIVNG PURPOSEFULLY AND INTENTIONALLY. We provide a no-holds-barred Christian platform where married women can express their insecurities without the fear of judgement or being stigmatized. We partner with trusted individuals, agencies and corporations to engender access to literacy, education and vocation of women for the purpose of improved mental wellbeing and economic empowerment.

The major objective of BOMB is to promote specific GROWTH actions targeted at women AND YOUNG GIRLS in the Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 5 according to our local context and spiritual framework.



Join a practical group of Christian women on a mission

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